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Get Rid of Wrinkles Without an Iron

Get Rid of Wrinkles Without an Iron

No one likes to spend time ironing, which is why we compiled some of our best alternatives. Most cotton clothes don’t need ironing, but if they do, try these tips and tricks.

| Smooth it out on your way out

Notice a few wrinkles on your way out the door? Mist with a little water and smooth them out with your hand. Your knits, collars, and lightweight woven fabrics will thank you later.

hang your clothes in the bathroom

| Never iron again

Why waste your time ironing when you can toss a wet washcloth and your wrinkly clothes in the dryer for five to ten minutes? Watch the wrinkles disappear right before your eyes.

| Wrinkle’s worst enemy

Whether you’re traveling or just iron averse, hang your clothes in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. Once the mirror fogs up, your clothes will smooth right out.

less wrinkled clothes

| Beat the Buzzer

If you want to score wrinkle-free clothes, intercept them halfway through the dry cycle and hang them up. Set a timer as a reminder and always try to use the sensor dry options to minimize over drying in general.



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