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Care Tips
Cotton Shrinking and Stretching - female stretched in bed

Shrinking and Stretching

Cotton clothes can sometimes shrink, but if you take care, quality cotton will stay like new for a lot longer.

| Outthinking shrinking

If your clothes seem to get smaller and smaller every time you wash them, try taking them out of the dryer while they’re still damp and air-drying the rest of the way. It can make a big difference with preventing teeny, tiny tops.

close up of cotton clothing on hangers

| Stretch, recover, repeat

It takes 48 hours for spandex to recover from a good stretching. So, after you wear cotton/spandex clothes like bras and skinny jeans, hang them up to shrink ‘em back to size.

| Get your jeans in shape

Just because your jeans are bagging in the knees or butt doesn’t mean they belong in the hamper. Get back to a good fit by wetting them with some water or spray fabric softener and toss them in the dryer.

how to unshrink a shirt

| How to unshrink a t-shirt

  • In a sink, soak your shirt in warm water with three tablespoons of hair conditioner for five minutes.
  • Stretch your wet shirt out on a flat surface to the desired size and keep it in place with household weights such as heavy jars or cans.
  • Leave it out to air dry.


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