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Close up of velvet fabric


| What is velvet?

Velvet is a closely woven fabric with a short, thick, plush pile. Velvet is softest when woven from natural fibers, especially cotton. Velvet is synonymous with softness and luxury, especially since it was originally made from silk. Velvet used to be an extremely expensive fabric to make, and thus solely reserved for royalty and nobility. It originated in Baghdad around the eighth century.

Nowadays, there are several different kinds of velvet available depending on how the fabric is made and with what fiber. There is crushed velvet, panne and embossed velvet, stretch velvet (to which spandex has been added), and patterned velvet, in which the piles are cut to varying lengths.

| When should I wear velvet?

Velvet adds a soft touch to many different types of clothing, including dresses, suits, hats, trim, and more. We love velvet suits for winter for both men and women for a touch of luxury, especially for the holidays. Velvet dresses are also a luxurious holiday wardrobe staple. Velvet can also be used for home décor, like curtains and pillows.



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