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Close up of birdseye fabric

Bird's eye

| What is bird's eye?

Bird’s eye is a cotton fabric made on a dobby loom, which results in a small, repetitive woven pattern that resembles diamonds, or more commonly thought, the eye of a bird. This fabric was originally made with cotton or linen and is versatile enough for a variety of different garments, though it is typically used in men’s suits.

When should I wear bird's eye?

Bird’s eye is an eye-catching fabric with a characteristic pattern that lends itself to statement-making clothing. Bird’s eye is a particular favorite for formal suiting, especially in summer, because bird’s eye fabric tends to be lightweight and breathable, especially if it’s made with cotton. If you’re in the market for a bespoke tailored suit, ask about bird’s eye.

| Maintaining bird's eye

A bird’s eye cotton suit can be properly maintained with a suit brush and a steamer to loosen any wrinkles that may have formed during wear and storage. Hang your suit with a hanger that won’t distort its shape to ensure your suit’s longevity.

Does bird's eye wrinkle?

Bird’s eye is a sturdy fabric that is naturally resistant to wrinkling.

Is bird's eye easy to clean?

A bird’s eye suit can be spot cleaned as necessary. To preserve the integrity of the suit, only dry clean once a year.

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