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Close up of velour fabric


| What is velour?

Velour is a soft fabric woven with an extra yarn that forms loops called a pile. The loops are sheared to a shorter length on one side, giving this fabric a decorative sheen. Velour is typically used for such varied applications as sportswear, evening wear, and loungewear, due to its soft-to-the-touch pile. Velour and velvet are often mistaken for each other or thought to be the same fabric, but velour and velvet are two distinct fabrics. Velour is a knit fabric with a natural stretch, while velvet is woven, and therefore does not naturally stretch.

Also, velour is most usually made of 100% cotton. Velour gained popularity as a fabric made for clothing in the 1970s. Prior to that, velour was usually used for upholstery.

| When should I wear velour?

Velour is used for clothing and home decor, such as tracksuits, sweatsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, pants, hoodies, pillows, and blankets. Velour is a soft, velvety fabric perfect for winter dresses.



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