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Cotton Plain-Weave

| What is cotton plain-weave?

Plain-weave refers to many different types of fabric with a similar weaving pattern. Plain-weave is the most common type of weave, where the horizontal (weft) yarns alternately pass over and under the vertical (warp) yarns to create strong, hard-wearing fashion and furnishing fabrics.

As a technique and a fabric, plain-weave fabric dates to ancient times.

When should I use plain-weave?

Plain-weave is an extremely versatile type of fabric most commonly found in cotton clothing, bed linens, upholstery, and other strong fabrics with no stretch. You can find plain-weave clothing in most of the items of clothing already in your wardrobe.

| Maintaining plain-weave

Does plain-weave wrinkle?

Because plain-weave refers to a wide variety of different fabrics, some plain-weave garments may be prone to wrinkling.

Is plain-weave easy to clean?

Most 100% cotton plain-weave garments, linens, and upholstery will be easy to machine wash and/or spot clean. Cotton releases odors more easily in the wash, and most cotton does not require dry cleaning.

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