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Close up of heather fabric


| What is heather?

Heather refers to a soft, muted color caused by blending different fibers into one yarn. Your favorite comfy gray cotton tee that seems to have specks of white in it is the perfect example of “heather gray.” Heather is typically used in clothing like sweaters, and in home pieces like sofa upholstery.

When should I wear heather?

Because heather refers to a wide range of other fabrics that use this technique, it is a versatile fabric that can be found in many different types of clothing, like loungewear. You’ll most commonly see sweatpants and tee-shirts with a heather color.

| Maintaining heather fabric

Is heather easy to clean?

100% cotton clothing will be easier to clean than manmade fibers, releasing odors and stains more easily in the wash. Make sure to follow your care label’s instructions. We always recommend a cold water wash and a tumble dry on low to keep your clothes looking and feeling their best.

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